CGI Animated Short Film HD: "Jinxy Jenkins & Lucky Lou Short Film" by Mike Bidinger & Michelle Kwon HD

04 September 2015
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CGI Animated Short Film HD: "Jinxy Jenkins & Lucky Lou Short Film" by Mike Bidinger & Michelle Kwon
3D Animated Short Film Jinxy Jenkins & Lucky Lou by Mike Bidinger and Michelle Kwon. Featured on Unlucky boy meets lucky girl, A film by Mike Bidinger and Michelle Kwon from Ringling College of Art and Design. When the chaotically misfortunate Jenkins and the monotonously lucky Lou run into each other one morning, they find a thrilling and fulfilling change of pace as they hurtle down the hills of San Francisco in an ice cream cart. SUBSCRIBE to CGMeetup for more inspiring content! YouTube Facebook Twitter Google+ Dailymotion Pinterest Instagram ----------------------- Please note: All videos are uploaded after written copyright permission from respected Artists, Studios or Schools. or part of Creative Commons license for more details or dispute contact us ----------------------- ----------------------- Jinxy Jenkins Lucky Lou,Jinxy Jenkins and Lucky Lou, Ringling College, Ringling College of Art short film, Ringling College of Art, Animated Short Film, Animated ShortFilm, Animation, ShortFilm, 3d, 3d ShortFilm, CGI, Animated, Short Film, Animated Short Film, Animated Shorts, Animation, 3d, VFX Short Film, VFX Short, Animated Short Film funny, Animated Short Films, Animated Short Film Pixar, Short, Animated Short Films Award Winning, Animated Short Movies, Pixar Short Films, Animated Movies, Best Animation Short Films, best short films, 3D Animated Short film, Animated Short Film 2015, Animated Short Film for Kids, Animated Short Film Horror, Animated Short Film Love, Animated Short Film Love Story, Funny Short Film, Award Winning, oscar nominations animated short film, Award winning short films, animated short film award winners, CGMeetup, CG, 3D, VFX, FX, Effects, Animation, Shorts, GFX, Motion, Capture, MoCap, Computer, Digital, Art, Modeling, 3d animation,
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