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15 October 2016
Kids Future
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# According to legend, they can practice practicing religion; a hundred years of cultivation, the tail will grow 3 and called "Love Ho", cultivated to 1000 then moved to the great Continent ma lake species (Rom 6 tailed fox), and so, when it reached the scene world's tail 9 (Nine celestial latitude lakes), the supreme worldly realm destination marketing; not clear exactly how the new year to achieve the realm. Each tail is one of our network. Want to kill a child, they must cut all Huli their tails before. # All the defendants Huli usually without fertility and childbearing for all types of men. The child born Huli Huli is due first mother was taking thousands of years. Huli very afraid of 7, he is very popular when the number 8. Huli the ordinary people of the extremely beautiful, smart, has a strange allure. The Huli so often used that advantage to Mesmerized man and then will try to suck their blood to death, even when they eat them. # Huli's capital, they also have more ad features the same statement, which is that we would love to eat chicken. However, the coat color of Huli different from foxes often. depending on the number of years of cultivation that they change color accordingly. Legend of the nine-tailed fox fur usually bright red like blood. Huli usually live in caves because they like cold air. Each time out of the cave they are changing shape. Only when we came back he died recognizable shape of a fox. # The old Huli (Huli old, often lived for about a thousand years old) have the ability to predict very accurately. Huli well organized pack. Supreme Leader of the Huli often called "Lake offers all". Positions that are passed from generation to generation, often transmitted to children that "they also all" that love the most or best talent. Legend has that Dac Ky, Head of female beauty of the Kingdom is a "Ho supply master" of Huli time. Thanks For Watching Our Video. Please Subscribe Our Channel To See More Videos.
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